Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rez Solutions

Call in tonight to "Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People," and tell us your New Years Rez Solutions. Indian or not, call in and tell us what your new years rez solutions are and what you are going to do to help your communities on and off the rez, whether or not you are part of a rez. The number to call is 503-231-8187.

"Tillicum Wawa" airs from 6-7pm every Thursday on KBOO, 90.7fm and can be reached on the web at

"Tillicum Wawa" is Shusli, Redwillow, and Eugene. Our mission statement is:

Tillicum Wawa connects tribal communities and those who support those communities via the KBOO airwaves with the intent to empower indigious peoples, to bridge cultures and broaden understanding in an environment of learning and collaboration.

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  1. Happy New Year brother. Please pass my greetings on to Shusli too.